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Comedienne Sheryl Underwood

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Wendy Williams the radio maven was famous for roasting celebrities, on the air, to their faces and behind their backs when they left her studio, but Wendy Williams the talk show host is fairly tame.  But did she accuse “The Talk” co-host Sheryl Underwood of being…shall we say, less than sophisticated?  Underwood, the international President of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, tweeted her followers after receiving a tweet that Williams put her on blast on her show. Now we here at Tweeter Reporter aren‘t try to start anything, but if she did, didn’t Wendy say that talk show hosts didn’t throw each other under the bus?  Just saying: Peep the Tweets.

Sheryl Underwood

Sheryl Underwood

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Sheryl Underwood Sheryl

Somebody just hit me up and said Wendy Williams just called me “Ghetto” on her show today…did anybody else hear that?

Chris Jackson@one906teach @sherylunderwood

Sheryl, you’re too classy to even dignify anything said by Wendy Williams. Beside we know who’d win in a fight #teamsheryl

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