Roseanne Barr is running for President of the United States.  The good thing about President Barack Obama winning the election is hope that any qualified candidate has a chance, not only over the hill, white males.  Unfortunately, that also means, anybody and everybody thinks they have shot.  Even the homeless crackhead on the street and narcissistic Hollywood actors (oh.  I guess one did win in the 80s. Wink)

Roseanne Barr

Roseanne Barr


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3h Kira Hooper Kira Hooper @k2hoop@TheRealRoseanne I’m a military veteran and I’ve been out for a year now…still can’t find a job (cont)
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3h Roseanne Barr Roseanne Barr @TheRealRoseanne@BillyHallowell we need freedom from religion, as well as freedom of religion-clear separation of church and state-

@showbiztonight @HLNTV the working people are being left out of all political discussions-

3h Jordan Howard Jordan Howard @JayyH.@TheRealRoseanne isn’t running for President to win. She’s running to change the conversation & put the hippie issues on the table.
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3h Roseanne Barr Roseanne Barr @TheRealRoseanne@America2_0 yes they should not be able to form ‘unions’ either.
3h Roseanne Barr Roseanne Barr @TheRealRoseanne@jonluvsmaddy a little bit of left will swing the balance to the middle, I hope!
3h Jonathan J Jonathan J @jonluvsmaddy@TheRealRoseanne if the democrats weren’t all centrists and the republicans weren’t all right wing crazies coming together might be possible