Sheen jokes in tweet, tries to convince gossip maven Perez Hilton to tweet his cell phone number. LOL

29 Jan Charlie Sheen Charlie Sheen @charliesheenWhat’s your phone no.? C’mon man… Tweet it! You can do it!! I did… RT @PerezHilton @charliesheen Sheen! Please follow? need to DM you!
Perez is no stranger to Sheen. He writes about him regularly on his website.  See below:

Sheen Leading Ladies

If Charlie Sheen knows one thing, he knows ladies.

He’s about to make his return to television, and the last thing left to fall into place is his leading lady! So who will it be?

Do U have any guesses??

Here’s what Sheen had to say: Read the rest of this entry »

”[Selma Blair] is a strong frontrunner. She’s a very special lady and is as pretty as the day is long and has never really had the opportunity to do something where she can shine, because off camera she’s hilarious. I think [she’s] one of the prettiest women in Hollywood.”