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Rihanna is hilarious, she’s still going in on a fan who ruffled her superstar peacock feathers. For those of you who missed it, the Pop Diva Rihanna gave a follower a Twitter smack down for tweeting her disapproval of the diva’s new hit song with ex-boyfriend Chris Brown. Ri Ri went in on the fan’s Plain Jane steeze.  The follower came back and said she looked better than Ri Ri after Chris beat her a**.  Then the singer responded, declared victory, and Tweeted a super fly pic of herself, enjoying a cigarette. We here at Tweeter Reporter think the entire matter is petty, trifling, and childish, which is why we love it!  LOL


My beauty is not even in question… I look better than you, your mama, grandma, and all your aunts on your daddys side

Im not goin in on @rihanna no more.. Shes done, cowardly and over. Im talkin bout all these bitches comin for me on here

Cuz Im a cute big girl you call me ugly, and Im clearly not, just to stick up for @rihanna? Ya’ll are cowards, like her


I’m being cyber bullied by ———->@JuhReeV


@Jaree Strozier, you may get some shine from this, but take a little advice from us here at Tweeter Reporter:  You will not win! Rihanna is a SUPERSTAR with a jillion fans.  Need we say more? But just for kicks, go at her again, because it’s messy and we love it!  “Don’t Talk About It.  Tweet About It.”