The first episode of VH1’s season 4, Basketball Wives Miami aired last night and true to her promise, spicy Evelyn Lozada is committed to gaining control of her image. She tweeted her 840,000 followers the link to her blog  for her side of the story in the beef between she and former bff Jennifer Williams.  What’s juicy? On her blog, Evelyn points the finger for all the drama at Jennifer, even the drama she’s having with Royce, who was tweeting Jennifer’s estranged husband.  The former Bronx project beauty also uses an interview Tami Roman gave Sister 2 Sister magazine to support her claims that slow talking, bourgeoisie Jennifer (who graduated from college cum laude and drove to high school in a Porsche) is fake and funky.

If you watch the show, then you know Tami Roman  who was married to former NBA-baller Kenny Anderson – and fount out her new bff Evelyn slept with him while they were married.  Evelyn claimed she didn’t know Kenny was married, LOL!  Tammy jerked her neck back and said something to the effect, “ain’t a bit**, ain’t a hoe walking who didn’t know Kenny was married,” before she took one LONGGGG drag from her cigarette and commenced to whupping Evelyn’s narrow a**.  LOL! Anyhoo, here are Eveylyn’s tweets:

Evelyn Lozada

Evelyn Lozada



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Evelyn LozadaEvelyn Lozada @EvelynLozada

RT Fans might be shocked that @EvelynLozada & @iamjennifer aren’t friends, but @TamiRoman isn’t. Why not? Find out @VH1

Evelyn LozadaEvelyn Lozada @EvelynLozada

Tami: ‘I always felt that there was a little tension toward Evelyn from Jennifer’ – Read more here –…

BTW, Evelyn is NOTORIOUS for blasting her followers for “being up her a**”, but is she clearly jocks superstar Rihanna in this Tweet? We here at Twitter Reporter ain’t startin’ nothin’. We just saying. You be the judge.

Evelyn LozadaEvelyn Lozada @EvelynLozada

We all know I love @rihanna! She was gorgeous at The Grammy’s! Check out the post I wrote about her last week! #CAKE…