VH1’s Basketbal Wives Miami star Evelyn “sassy mouth” Lozada is a beauty from the Bronx projects and Drita “let’s get ’em up brawling” Davanzo have become Twitter friends.  Let’s just hope these two don’t get together and get drunk, because Evelyn, we here at Twitter Reporter would hate to see you catch fade and catch an *ss whippin’!  Drita ain’t no joke, unless she’s catching fade with Sammy the Bull’s daughter Karen who dotted her eye!  LOL.

Drita Davanzo @DritaDavanzo @EvelynLozada That’s a true story!

@EvelynLozada @DritaDavanzo Both of yall remind me of each other lol love it

@EvelynLozada @DritaDavanzo omg you two kno eachother SCREAMZZZ GORGEOUS BEAUTIFUL KICK ASS COMBO!!!

@EvelynLozada @dritadavanzo y’all are BOTH my bitches! hahah, forreal tho, i love you ladiesss ❤ #BadBitches

Buying “expensive” clothes doesn’t mean u can dress. If you have sense of style, a price tag doesn’t mean anything. #My2Cents

If the price is right #PIMP RT @DJHighHeels: I wonder if will let me borrow Chad for a day if I say I’m dying from chocolate withdraws?