You got it here first.  Tweeter News is the first to report, the ex-wives of Superstars Eddie Murphy and Will Smith, both signed on for a new VH1 reality show, Tweeted their thoughts about the legendary Whitney Houston’s death yesterday. (news outlets must credit Tweeter News)

Nicole Murphy





The voice of an Angel, the Heart of a Lamb, the spirit of a Lioness, the presence of a Goddess, love you R.I.P Whitney Houston

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RT @MagicJohnson: R.I.P. Whitney Houston. Our prayers go out to Bobbi Kristina and her family.

Sheree Fletcher @ShereeFletcher

Saw her years ago in concert and was mesmerized by the voice that could touch heaven! Whitney, there was none like u #ripwhitneyhouston

Sheree Fletcher

Sheree Fletcher


Sheree Fletcher is the mother of Trey, wife of Terrell, child of God & creator of Whoop Ash- And a work in progress!

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