@Carjax44 when I said Jeremy Lin “Knocked it out of the park” it was an expression. When I said Carmello was a pt guard that was my hubby!

@SherriEShepherd All I do is Lin, Lin, Lin!!

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@like2putyoudown but I am happy – I hope you can find some as well. God Bless You!

Luck is when opportuniTy meets preparation … Prime example is Jeremy Lin #17 of the New York Knicks.

What R the odds that Anthony & Baron Davis (both point guards) are out & Jeremy Lin steps up to the plate & knocks it out the park!

@MissJaiB if you want a pair of #pajamajeans I think you can just google it & their website should come up.

Jeremy Lin #17 has 36 points – he is on fire! Unstoppable! The Lakers are getting they’re behinds served on a plastic plate!

4h Sherri Shepherd Sherri Shepherd @SherriEShepherdJeffrey says “Mommy U have 2 wear a Knicks Jersey” he hands me 1of his. I told him sadly “Mommy’s boobies R2 big. But I got thigh hi boots!”