Hot mama Evelyn Lozado from VH1’s Basketball Wives tweeted her 800,000 fans saying she can’t wait to get back: ***Peeks In*** Hi, I’m out the country bored as F!! 😦 Counting the days!  Meanwhile, her fiance Chad “Likes to Flirt” Ochocinco, who just lost the Superbowl with the New England Patriots after a poor season, is alone, Twittering like crazy.  He even Tweeted Hollywood bombshell Sofia Vergera from “Modern Family,” yesterday.  Evelyn also tweeted her latest magazine interview:

Vibe Vixen @VIBEvixen New on Vixen » MVP: Evelyn Lozada Talks ‘Inner Circle,’ Defends Love Life and Ex-BFF Beef

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Now we here at Tweeter News aren’t saying anything about Chad O, we’re just saying Evelyn, while the hot Latina pussycat is away, the hot bored NFL player who just lost the Superbowl might play.  You be the judge:

Chad Ochocinco

Chad Ochocinco


New England Patriots WR. Download Mad Chad from iTunes or MusclePharmAthlete


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Lynn Whitfield vs Angela Bassett (I love these two) anyone know how I can get an autograph/picture. Using the power of twitter to help me.

Scarlett Johansson vs Charlize Theron (Who’s your pick)

Halle Berry is with Oliver Martinez? Dude was awesome in the movie “Unfaithful” with Diane Lane n Richard Gere. (no pun intended)

If i retire then somebody there is out of a job. RT @FoShore_Ry: @ochocinco wow just saw an article on ESPN and they think you should retire

xBox, twitter, pornhub and @blksportsonline timeline RT @Alex_M9: so while @EvelynLozada is out of the country, who is keeping you company?

@hillharper “The Wealth Cure” RT @bbesegai: I kno ur all about turning 1 into 2. Do u have any recommendations for a good read on the topic?

She’s out the country with her girlfriend #PepeShrug RT @glenndiddy: what happened to @EvelynLozada? Did you keep her from tweeting lately?

U told ur ex the same stuff huh? RT @DblShotOfBrandy: Im always tellin my man what a stud he is,he doesnt respond,do men not wanna hear that

Hmm yeah ok RT @cgrady040: Ocho, don’t say that I’ve been in a long distance relationship for a year and a half and it’s hard, but doable!

How do you even date what’s far away? RT @colkat_79: any advice for a long distance relationship? How do we keep it interesting?

A Starbucks, Target and Victoria Secret gift cards. $100 dollars on each RT @mac6014eva: @ochocinco what u getting Evelyn for valentines

Buy both kind sir RT @charmcityphipsi: @ochocinco I’m having trouble deciding between getting a golden retriever and a lab, any advice?