Tyrese Gibson in December 2008

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Tyrese Gibson speaks about working with the mi...
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God’s wisdom is given to those who humbly ask Him for it…

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I’m doing a big project for Black History Month .. Just had Jill Scott and Blair Underwood at my house today!! Whoa!! Always In motion!!!

So funny::: Don’t just say “Yeah I can see it”.. Tell me what city, state, or country your in plz..??? bit.ly/wKdS6L

I don’t know if I will do it again anytime soon..::.. I’m being honest..::.. .. For now enjoy all 17-; bit.ly/wKdS6L

Worldwide::: I need your help::… Whatever city, state or country your in.. Please tell me if you can see this..?? bit.ly/wKdS6L

I love you..!! Listen to my heart.!! bit.ly/wKdS6L

Twitter family!!! I need your help.. I need you to text, BBM, email, DM actor Blair Underwood .. Please help me track em!! Thanks …

I’m performing in your city soon..!! Dallas, then Houston… Google it.!!! Ha!! twitpic.com/8hhku8

RT @mrsmcneal1: @Tyrese my husband plays your song stay, all day everyday. He thinks it is going to change my mind. . It will! U will see!!

#OpenInvitationReloaded bit.ly/y8O3Ar ..Also the world premiere of my new “Nothing On You” video will be on BET 106 & prk Feb 14th!!!

My new album is being re-released w/ videos, behind the scenes, 5 new songs, etc.. Can you see this..?? bit.ly/y8O3Ar

At your request ::.. It’s here ::… bit.ly/y8O3Ar