RIHANNA, the Barbados superstar, is known for her subliminal tweets and the metaphors in her music, so is she promoting the use of the drug Exctasy in her songs and recent tweets?   In her song We Found Love she sings “Yellow diamonds in the light. And we’re standing side by side. As your shadow crosses mine. What it takes to come alive. It’s the way I’m feeling I just can‘t deny…” Now Yellow Diamonds can be literal, the actual fancy diamonds with a yellow hue OR she could be promoting her single OR Yellow Diamonds is the street name for Excstacy.  We here at Twitter News  can’t call it, but she’s a pop star, she’s yelling at the devil in her Tweets, she lives in the fast lane, she drives fast cars and well…you be the judge.


Yellow diamonds in the light…and we’re standing side by side!!!

#RihannaNavy I don’t think yall know how #MILITANT you are!!! It takes a certain quality to be a true fan, and yall got it!! 4 really real!