Life is not a game for Renee Graziano who has to deal with her mob father being incarcerated again after her mob affiliate ex-husband Hector “Junior Pagan ratted him out.  Now father of her son is in protective custody, leaving her and her son to pick up the messy pieces.  Apparently the entire ordeal was too much for Graziano, who broke down in Federal Court today.

Renee Tweeted to her 105,800 followers after a tough day in court.

Mob Wives @reneegraziano‘s Father Anthony Graziano’s Court Hearing #mobwives

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I learn STRENGTH frm women like u n @DanielleMonaro@TheRealCarolina: @reneegraziano @nypost @dailynews Thinking of you.. stay strong lady!”

I wld like 2 thank the @nypost n the @dailynews 4 having the respect n understanding 4 my son while writing the article about my family.

‘Mob Wives’ reality show star Renee Graziano has meltdown in federal court

Graziano cries a river for her wiseguy father

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By John Marzulli / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS

Wednesday, February 8, 2012, 2:06 AM


	Renee Graziano of “Mob Wives” and her son leave Federal Court Cadman Plaza in Brooklyn Tuesday. Her ex-hubby secretly taped Bonanno gangsters, including her capo father, Anthony (TG) Graziano. Photo by K

Ken Murray/New York Daily News

Renee Graziano of ‘Mob Wives’ and her son leave court on Tuesday.

“Mob Wives” reality show star Renee Graziano cried a river in federal court Tuesday for her wiseguy father, who was secretly recorded by his scheming former son-in-law.

Graziano, wearing a plush fur coat, covered her face with both hands and wept when the prosecutor discussed her ex-hubby Hector Pagan’s taping of Bonanno gangsters — including her capo father Anthony (TG) Graziano and the crime family’s reputed boss, Vincent (Vinny TV) Badalamenti.


Dabbing her eyes with a tissue, Graziano looked straight ahead and did not glance at the relatives of the other indicted gangsters sitting around her in the courtroom.

“I don’t feel uncomfortable around anybody,” Graziano said later. “I send my apologies and I feel horrible, but I’m not responsible (for Pagan’s treachery). I didn’t do anything.

“But I can understand they may feel uncomfortable around me,” she added.

Her surprise appearance at a routine status conference surprised some observers.


“She’s the one with the fake face and the black shoe polish hair, right?” snipped a lawyer.

A gossip Web site had reported that she suffered a panic attack last month when prosecutors unsealed the indictment against her father, although Pagan’s double-crossing had been known since Anthony Graziano’s arrest two months ago.

Pagan wore a hidden wire since at least last August, recording incriminating conversations about extortions and the armed robbery of a Bonanno-controlled illegal social club, according to court papers.

But Renee Graziano insists she’s not a drama queen.

“This is real life — this is reality,” she said. “If I had known what (Pagan) had done, I would have told my father, 100%.

“He (Pagan) is dead wrong,” she continued. “My son loved his dad. He’s destroyed by this.”

Assistant Brooklyn U.S. Attorney Nicole Argentieri disclosed in court that the feds have a reality show of their own — a videotape of federal agents executing a search warrant at Badalamenti’s social club in Bensonhurst two years ago.

Renee Graziano’s co-stars include Karen Gravano — the daughter of mob rat-of-all rats Salvatore (Sammy Bull) Gravano, who testified against the late John Gotti — and the wives of a couple of Mafia wannabes. The show was created by Renee’s sister Jennifer.

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