Kim KardashianKim Kardashian seems to be on a P.R. blitz to turn her tarnished, 72 hour marriage cancellation and faltering image around.  Tweeting her more than 13 million followers about her love for the Lord, church, and desire to start a Bible study.  Kim is facing fallout in popularity from the marriage, and intense backlash from Tyler Perry’s Christian fan base who don’t want to see her and her loose morals, loose lifestyle, loose…you get the point in Perry’s upcoming “Marriage Counselor”.  Let us all have a moment of silent reflection and give thanks. And let He who is without sin cast the first stone!  Anyhoo…the story and the Tweets below…

February 8th 8:00am from BOSSIP

Jesus Take The Wheel: Kimmy Cakes And LeAnn “Homewreckin” Rimes Start Bible Study Group

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Jesus Take The Wheel: Kimmy Cakes And LeAnn “Homewreckin” Rimes Start Bible Study Group

Praying for a new man?

LeAnn Rimes and Kim Kardashian are church best buddies. Via Radaronline:

The stars had lunch together Friday in Calabasas with [Pastor Brad] Johnson before going to a service together on Sunday at his church, the Life Change Community Church in Agoura Hills.

The country singer – who had an extramarital affair with Eddie while she was still married to dancer Dean Sheremet and he to reality star Brandi Glanville – also met Kim for lunch last week along with the church’s Pastor Brad Johnson and America’s Got Talent judge Howie Mandel.

The women have been tweeting about each other since their meeting, with LeAnn posting “So nice when your circle of supportive girl friends grows!” over the weekend.
After church, Rimes also tweeted “@KimKardashian great seeing you and the fam. See you soon xoxo,” with Kim replying “You too babe! See you soon! Xoxo.”

Do you think the 2 are only attention sloring in the name of the Lawd??


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Dear Lord, Thank you soooo much!