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She keeps singing “I AM THE CHAMPION……I AMMMM THE CHAAAMMPION” I’m about to make her little ass go to bed…..

I’m not gonna lie i’m FUCKING PISSED that I lost to a 6yr old girl in a board game, She even had the nerve to talk shit!!!! #SoreLoserTweet

Tonight was the 1st official GAME NIGHT in the “HART” Household……We played TROUBLE!!!! My son cried because my Daughter won LMFAO!!!

God is Good…….in my “Eddie Cain” voice “Its all Happening Baaaabbbby” this year is shaping up 2 be a Biiiiiggggg yeeeear

@KevinHart4real Birthday gift last week was seeing you live at Uconn! Best gift ever! Can fan get a retweet as s bday gift?!

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