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Morning tweeps!! Running errands, then heading to the airport. WTF else is new! #Sleepy

LOL! Is it stuck?! RT @zainny: @EvelynLozada refuses to go away on the jumbotron lol pic.twitter.com/BQ2Dm2iU

Yes! Airing this week. RT @RenegadeStarr: @EvelynLozada hey evelyn is there goin to be a supertrailer? or probably not?

Uh oh lol RT @authorcgreen: You ain’t about this life! @EvelynLozada can’t wait until the new season starts!

Luv u 2!! RT @imcaramel_mocha: I wonder what @EvelynLozada has under her sleeve for this one!!! I love her though, she keeps shit real!!!

14 more days for Basketball Wives 4!!!!!!!!! #BOOM