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The View’s Sherri Shepherd wants a dog and hamburgers.

Sherri Shepherd

Sherri Shepherd


Sal’s Wife, Jeffrey’s Mother, Actress, Co-Host of The View, Star of Lifetime Sitcom Sherri, Jesus Groupie, Host of the Newlywed Game & Karaoke Queen

New York, NY ·


I had two dogs in l.a. a lab and a retriever and was just as busy… I can do it

and a dog that doesn’t bark all the time… those yap yap dogs … nope!

and would like a dog that’s kid friendly … although I think pretty much all dogs are kid friendly if trained correctly…

really want to get a dog 4 the family… part protective/guard dog… dog that won’t shed all over the place… doesn’t need walking 9x/day

So … @DonniesDancer @OUBad … whaddaya think @DonnieWahlberg is doing… thinking about getting an English Bulldog

RT @LarryLuvLIFE: @SherriEShepherd White Castle has a special promotion for Valentines Day.Sliders and onion chips!! LOVE IT!