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Actress/Comedian/Former B.E.T. talk show host, Mo’Nique is back in the broadcast game with her own own talk show…online through USTREAM.  The former sitcom actress and Queen of Comedy only has 27,000 followers, but the Academy Award winner (Precious) is known for shunning traditional Hollywood lanes and doing her own thing.   She tweets quite often to her followers and seems to be enjoying her station in life…

Mo'nique and Husband Sidney Hicks enjoy the mo...

Image via Wikipediashow...A UStream show that is, and she appears plenty happy with her place in life. The former The Parker's sitcom star and Academy Award winner is known for keeping it real and shunning traditional Hollywood lanes. She only had 27,000 Twitter followers, but that doesn't stop the diva from tweeting up a storm.


1h Mo'Nique Worldwide Mo’Nique Worldwide @moworldwide Thank all of you for joining me today on ustream. Love yall for real.

@d_ashlynn I sure do sis. Be sure to join me on ustream, I will talk about that

Hey my loves, don’t forget to join me today, Monday, February 6, 2012 on U-Stream at 3pm est.…

@JulieGurgova Hey my love. I will be talking to you in a few hours. 🙂