The View’s Sherri Shepherd is always funny, even when she’s watching the Superbowl.  She Tweeted her thoughts and musings to her 355,000 followers on the big event, the halftime entertainment and even tossed in her observations of N.E. Wide Receiver Chad Ochocinco’s Basketball Wives of Miami fiancee, Evelyn Lozada.

Sherri Shepherd @SherriEShepherd

Would love to see Miss Tina Turner do a half-time show. If you’ve never seen her perform live RUN to her next concert & she’s 73!

I think #Madonna is one of the few artists who thru the years has consistently been able to reinvent & keep herself relevant. Go 53 yr old

I disagree with ya’lll. I hope at 53 I can wear thigh high boots w heels, dance, flip & climb up stairs. #Madonna did her thing #superbowl

I actually thought Madnna did a great job on the Half Time show. It looked pretty cool here on the dield

@SandraRose @Zeralyn Ocho Cinco just caught a pass. Evelyn Lozado just sighed in relief & jumped up & down in her new Loubitons! #superbowl