For those 4.75 million followers who forgot, PDiddy reminds them, he was making his name as a DANCER and PARTY PROMOTER before he became famous for rapping and producing… His new Ciroc commercial shows PDiddy with moves like Marc Anthony.  Maybe that’s why J-Lo fell in love with him long ago, she liked the way he moved his hips.  Check out the salsa below.


RT @_Samski: @iamdiddy your commercials are HILARIOUS !!

Forget the on-air commercials!! Have you seen this?? #CIROCCRUZ-> RT RT

#cirocbowl commercial #2 Who said black people can’t dominate winter sports?! –> #CirocCurling – ANYTHINGS POSSIBLE!


2m iamdiddy iamdiddy @iamdiddyBELiEVE!!!!! BELIEVE!!!! #cirocBowl leeeeGoooo!!!!!

BELIEVE #cirocbowl GO GIANTS! Let’s Goooooooo!,!!!!!!