Super Diva Cher dropped a bomb about reality t.v. and her chances of ever doing one.  Let’s just say the first word started with an F and ended in a bomb!  LOL.

Cher also revealed to her 485,000 followers that she goes to the movies just like the rest of the Tweeter News nation.  The last flick she saw was THE HELP according to her answer to a follower’s Tweet.

Cher is a tough mama who doesn’t back down from a smart aleck. She had a colossal Twitter Battle with the hype man for Nicki Minaj, after a follower  tweeted the icon to let her know that Nicki had dissed her in the song “Did It On Em’.” (”If you could turn back time, Cher / You used to be here, now you’re gone, Nair”) Cher responded and Nicki’s Barbz went berzerk and got really disrespectful.  I mean, Cher is a LEGEND and well, Cher probably wouldn’t like Tweeter News to say this, but is also probably old enough to be his grandmother.  Anyhoo, here are her latest Tweets.


Im tired ! Worked Hard 2day! nite lovelies ! Many hugs& xxxx’s …

Cher @cher

“The Help” made me SMILE & CRY! RT @Iship2manyshows: @cher What was the last movie you saw?

Cher @cher Fk No ! RT @KIMLinCali: @cherwould you ever do a reality show?

Its ok…If they Could BE Nice they Would be RT @jpbob321hate it when people r disrespectful 2 u on twitter PISSES ME OFF! HOW DO U DEAL ?


nicki twitter beef with cher