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Socialite, Reality Star, chameleon, Kim Kardashian shared her new look with her 13 million followers, promoted her lingerie line, and denied rumors about the new NFL baller she’s been linked with this week.  No, no, no, she claims, while letting everyone know, despite her many surgeries, she does put in work to keep that famous body of hers in shape.  Check out this week’s KK Tweets:


I love how when I dye my hair lighter, my eyes look lighter too

Barry’s Bootcamp today kicked my butt! Love working out early!

Gorgeous new styles from our lingerie collection… this pink slip is one of my favorites!

Thanks! RT @KevinHench @KimKardashian kicks ass on next Tuesday’s Last Man Standing on ABC. And I don’t just say that because I wrote it.

Back in LA….I miss Miami already! The best trip ever!!! I needed that!