It’s a cryptic message in a way.  A seemingly innocuous mention of Path mobile, tweeted by Ashton Kutcher in one sentence.  But when you click on the link, readers are told about how much better Path Mobile is than the other social networks and even calls out Twitter.  Then when you look in the corner, you see a single name.  By Ashton.  it becomes clear, Ashton Kutcher is gunning for Mark Elliot Zuckerberg and his billion dollar creation, Facebook.  Is it out of the realm of possibility, you ask.  We can’t call it. But heck, Zuckerberg started in his dorm room if you believe the movie “Social Network” and he had no capital and only had Harvard students to steal emails from.  Ashton Kutcher is a MAJOR t.v. star worth megabucks and he has 9.4 MILLION FOLLOWERS…so, it’s not impossible…Stay tuned and check out the tweet below…

ashton kutcher @aplusk

Three things that make Path mobile social network powerful, useful, and magical.