Although he’s not a t.v., movie, cable, or rock star, yet, RAY WJ is a huge youtube star and quite popular with young people around the world.  Got to his Twitter page.  “I produce a few shows. I’m also sexually attracted to women who look like Abraham Lincoln,” Mr. Johnson’s @RayWJ Twitter bio informs his more than 800,000 followers. Recently, one of his 2:26 a.m. Facebook posts notched more than 42,000 likes. “LOL,” it read. “TRY THIS IT ACTUALLY WORKS! 🙂 1. Hold your breath for 20 minutes. 2. Die.”

Thirteen-year-old Bliss D’Andrea of South Adelaide, Australia, says she has never missed Mr. Johnson’s YouTube show. She especially enjoys it, she says, when Mr. Johnson says “Geezus!” or “Zing!” during his raunchy riffs. “He may be inappropriate at times, but that’s what makes it funny,” she says.