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Lady Ga Gais not shy about communicating with her nearly 19 MILLION followers.  Can you say, Ga Ga is the Twitter QUEEN of the universe? The megasuperstar let mean-spirited tweeters have it for taking what she considered cruel and cowardly swings at her:

2 Feb Lady Gaga Lady Gaga @ladygagaTweets about a 14 yr olds suicide in order to take a jab at me? Consider your integrity making fun at a dead child’s pain.
2 Feb Lady Gaga Lady Gaga @ladygagaDirect your insults @ladygaga, I can take it. Don’t bring in those who are not alive anymore to defend themselves. Be braver than that.
Here’s the Twitpic, a pretty nice photo of Ms. Ga Ga without all the wildly distracting spectacle:

Lady Gaga @ladygaga Photo By Terry Richardson, Haus of Gaga

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