Where or where is Kanye West?  After going on an epic, Titantic-sized rant on the 5th of January, Kanye hasn’t Tweeted in a few weeks.  How is that possible?  Superstar rapper/producer Kanye West is almost as famous for his Twitter Rants as he is his music and mic grabbing award show antics.

According to Billboard.com, Kanye West is spending his time focusing on getting a movie made in the Middle East: Kanye West reportedly has eyes set on the Middle East. According to The New York Observer, via Pitchfork, ‘Ye sent a few members from his team to the Middle East to discuss an upcoming film project. The project, said to be similar to his “Runaway” 30-minute mini-movie in 2010, is to be filmed in March.

“[Kanye West] recently sent representatives to the Persian Gulf region to scout locations for a short fillm,” The Observer states. “Sources tell The Observer that Mr. West sent members of his team to meet with film companies and government officials based out of Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Doha Qatar to explore the idea of a production. A number of local municipal officials and film companies are said to be engaged in what was characterized as a heated bidding war for the contracts involved in bringing Mr. West’s vision to life.”

Allegedly, West chose to film in the Middle East after performing in Abu Dhabi, last year, and “have fallen in love with the region.” Maybe that’s why he’s been quiet.

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    What good is fame and prestige if you can’t use it to help people… I want to help by doing what I know how to do best .. create
    a month ago
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    I have started a new company and I’m so excited about the name…. it’s got the best name ever of all companies of all time!!!….
    a month ago
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    The name of the company is DONDA
    a month ago
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    DONDA is a design company which will galvanize amazing thinkers and put them in a creative space to bounce there dreams and ideas…
    a month ago
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    DONDA will be comprised of over 22 divisions with a goal to make products and experiences that people want and can afford…
    a month ago
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    We want to help simplify and aesthetically improve everything we see hear, touch, taste and feel.
    a month ago
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    …To dream of, create, advertise and produce products driven equally by emotional want and utilitarian need.. To marry our wants and needs.
    a month ago
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    We’re taking everything 10 steps at a time LOL!
    a month ago
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    I wanted to put this in the world in hopes that the people who can actually make a difference will stand up and reach out
    a month ago
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    We need as many amazing powerful smart talented wealthy people to be involved… Come get on board… don’t just sit there… reach out
    a month ago
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    We can collectively effect the world trough design. We need to pick up where steve jobs left off
    a month ago
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    Help education. School systems were designed to turn people into factory workers.
    a month ago
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    Schools should be designed to prep human beings for real life.
    a month ago
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    Spike Jonze and I want to do a Summer school that tries new forms of cuuriculim
    a month ago
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    Math classes should teach addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, accounting and money management aaaaaand cut!!! ….
    a month ago
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    Instead of kicking kids out of schools for using there iPhones… why not promote it? Allow kids to use search engines to do test…
    a month ago
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    like the real WORLD!!! Give kids the amount of test they would have in a year in one day but they have to get everything perfect…
    a month ago
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    Some kids have better memories than others… what about emotional IQs… what about kids who do bad in school because of how bad there..
    a month ago
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    …surroundings are? I meant to say their…
    a month ago
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    We need to take what Michael Jackson felt and Mcqueen and Steve Jobs and we need make things better…
    a month ago
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    I know this is not a very rapper thing to say but I haven’t bought a new car or piece of jewelry in about 2 years…
    a month ago
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    I invest every dime back into creativity… hiring amazing creatives paying for flights, offices … etc…
    a month ago
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    We need scientist and top world designers to directly affect governments.
    a month ago
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    If anyone would like to reach out email us at contactDONDA@gmail.com
    a month ago

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Here are a few creative expressions of Mr. West’s rants on youtube, from Grammy/Oscar award crooner Josh Grobin, to gradmothers and unknown toddlers.  All mesmerized by the infamous tweeting of Kanye and his captivating H.A.M. rants.