Pop that thang pop star Christina Milian, ex-wife of mega producer The Dream, appeared on Access Hollywood Live to promote her new gig.  She is taking on the social media hosting for The Voice which premieres in its second season after this Sunday’s Superbowl.


2h Christina Milian Christina Milian @CMilianOfficialTime to take a nap and then head out to my @HydrogenMag shoot

Christina Milian @CMilianOfficial @HaleysShindig Besides.. The coaches are what help make the show what it is. 🙂 #Big! 🙂In reply to HaleysShindig

The Voice @NBCTheVoice A @blakeshelton and @CeeLoGreen duet? Too good to be true! Or is it? @CMilianOfficial has the scoop on coach collabos: bit.ly/x9idyW

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