• If you follow twitter news, then you know these former banger bestees are now beefin’ over Evelyn’s relationship with ball Chad Ochocinco.  Last season on VH1s Basketball Wives Miami, Evelyn’s mean girl buddy, the reserved, often snooty Jennifer Williams, finally made the move to file for divorce from her former cheating baller husband Eric Williams.  In the process of freeing herself, Jennifer swore off dating athletes and it upset her stomach when her girl Evelyn fell to the seductions of the smooth-talking, media hog, NFL wide receiver Chad Ochocinco.  Jennifer even voiced her opinions in a radio interview and that upset her girl Evelyn and its been downhill ever since.
  • WELL, when it comes to their Twitter numbers, Evelyn is the queen.  Ms. Lozado, who coined the phrase “Non-motherfuc**** factor” to denote those people who are less beautiful, less influential, and well, not worth her thoughts, i.e. all the rest of us, and put the phrase on T-shirts, has nearly 900.000 followers and the brown bomshell Jennifer, merely has 435,000.  That’s more than half the number of her former homegirl.  That makes Evelyn, Beyonce of their crew and Jennifer, Kelly Rowland.  Does that maker her a NMF?
  • I can’t call it.  I’m just asking the questions.  You be the judge.