6m Kevin Hart Kevin Hart @KevinHart4real@BMomma1214: Ok, it’s official, @KevinHart4real is the new hardest working man in show biz. #thatisall” <Thank you for noticing
27m Kevin Hart Kevin Hart @KevinHart4realSeattle I didn’t forget about y’all… #LetMeExplain is coming to your city March 16th at the Paramount, 4 more info–>…
55m Kevin Hart Kevin Hart @KevinHart4realBe there soon RT @Jermz_22: @KevinHart4real is on of the funniest comedians out but how come u dont show ur canadian fans no love?
56m Kevin Hart Kevin Hart @KevinHart4realSaturday March 10th the #LetMeExplain tour is taking over the First Niagara Center in Buffalo 4 tickets & show info–>…
1h Kevin Hart Kevin Hart @KevinHart4realMarch 9th I’m performing in Syracuse at the Landmark Theatre, I’m going 2 perform in the Orangemen mascot outfit…
1h Kevin Hart Kevin Hart @KevinHart4realJackson MS 2nd show has been added for the #LetMeExplain tour on 2/17…for tickets & show info click–>…
7h iamdiddy iamdiddy @iamdiddy“You have to fight through some bad days to earn the best days of your life.”
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8h Kevin Hart Kevin Hart @KevinHart4realOk I’m back to being a thug now twitches so I’m going to say a bunch of curse words to get my mojo back! FUCK SHIT ASS BITCH DICK!!!
8h ♠Ace♠ K ♠Ace♠ K @ace_k02Good purposes leads to better futures when showing the loved ones/kids what can be accomplish by doing right in life 👍 @KevinHart4real
8h Kevin Hart Kevin Hart @KevinHart4realI just keep reminding myself that I DO THIS FOR THEM…sorry 4 being a “Debbi Downer” this AM! I just felt like venting #EmotionalDadTweet
8h Kevin Hart Kevin Hart @KevinHart4realCame home for a Day just to see my kids and repack…….The hardest part of touring is leaving m

y kids, I damn near cried this time.

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The old titan and the new king of comedy, Mike Epps v.s. super hot funny man Kevin Hart.