Like her fellow musical icons Jay-Z and Will Smith, multi-platinum Grammy-winner Alicia Keys is determined to take over Broadway.  Keys Tweets about 2.6 times per day according to  On Jan. 29th, Keys was apparently in a philosophical mood, sharing a quote from Plato with her nearly 6 million followers and also tweeted her fans about her upcoming appearance at her play “Stick Fly,” about African-American sibling rivalry.  (More on the play after the tweets)


29 Jan Alicia Keys Alicia Keys @aliciakeys Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle. ~ Plato
29 Jan Alicia Keys Alicia Keys @aliciakeys will I see u?;-) “@stickflyplay: Join @AliciaKeys and her crew for Stick Fly & post-show discussion 2/6 & 2/26