After taking a royal hit to her image following her “royal” wedding and disastrous 72 hour, err I mean, 72 day marriage, has Kim K found God? In this morning’s tweet to the world, KK announced she was headed off to pay attention to someone else and give all the glory to…God in His house at an actual church.  Well good for Kim.  But one can’t help but wonder, is it true religion, or great P.R. to mend her tattered image with the millions of Christian faithful Tyler Perry fans who have judged her spoiled, self-involved, narcissistic fashionista ways, unfit to star in the moguls next movie The Marriage Counselor? Only Kim K and God know the answer to that one and who are we to judge?  I for one can’t call it, but it is fun to speculate. Kim K also Tweeted that there is a WORLDWIDE trending movement in support of her.  Is it really or is it more positive spin P.R.? (!/kimkardashian)

“Khloe is our idol” trending worldwide 2! Seriously I can’t thank you guys enough for supporting me & my family!!! It means the world to us

Wow “We Support Kim K” is trending WORLDWIDE! What a special Sunday surprise!!! I love you dolls! I guess I got my swagger back LOL

I want to start a bible study group with my friends!

On mt way to church with the girls!

You think you know….but you have no idea.