Ms. Ne Ne Leakes, the baddest of the baddest of the Real Housewives had a good old fashioned laugh at the expense of hot mama Sheree on Twitter today.  Who said letting go of the past was a good thing?  Not Ne Ne.  Ne Ne, who openly showed off her plastic surgery last season, found an old picture of Sheree Whitfield to remind the masses how Ms. Muscle Body Sheree looked a few years ago. 

In the words of Madea, my real 94-year-old grandmother, Ne Ne is a trip.  A trip, chile.

Ne Ne is a player these days with more than 600,000 Twitter followers.  That’s impressive.  Consider Aisha Tyler from CBS’s talk, a true celebrity in her own right with a national talk show to boot, and she only has 13,000.  Ne Ne has transformed from loud mouth to actress and self-declared mogul, even making an appearance on the insanely popular Glee and BET’s top show The Game.  In her own words, she can be seen shouting “I’m rich” to her nemesis Sheree in one episode this year, claiming she got Trump checks, although Trump’s son, Donald Jr., said she can’t be rich from the Celebrity Apprentice.

Donald Trump Jr. Says Nene Leakes’ Celebrity Apprentice Salary Was “Small”

Written By Reality Tea 13 Dec 2011


(from “While you were running your mouth, I was running to the bank … depositing a Trump check!” NeNe claimed to Sheree Whitfield on the RHOA season opener adding, “I’m rich, bitch!” And to further prove her wealth to millions of strangers viewers, the Nene was seen looking at a $9 million dollar home in Miami. However, Donald Trump Jr. is now speaking out against Nene’s claims, telling the Wetpaint blog that if the Nene is indeed rich or very rich rather, it is not due to any checks from his dad Donald Trump.

When asked about Nene’s claims of wealth via Donald, Trump Jr. told Wetpaint, “Honestly, I have no idea.” He continued, “All the celebrities on the show play for charity. She received a small appearance fee, sure, but that was it.”

Leakes is a smart lady.  For all of you who are LOL at ther supposed new wealth, maybe she’s smarter than all of you, as an old rumor holds, that Mr. Trump wasn’t even close to being a billionaire while bragging to already be one.  Hmmmm.  Maybe she’s learned a lot more than folks are giving her credit for.  Speak it into existence Ne Ne!  Here are todays tweets:

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RT @St_MaartenQueen: @NeNeLeakes Sheree’s old nose RT!!! <I remember

Come c me n San Fran on Saturday Feb 4th 4 Rock The Runway Against Domestic Violence 4 info go 2

RT @Azul_Pisces: @lawrenceatl so funny how they thought @iheartMarlo hated nene they were up her ass, now that they’re cool they hate her

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RT @PrettiiThiick: @NeNeLeakes right nene & thats some real shit but hatin hoes will put it n the media like u ain’t paid<True I like my child 2 b a child so if he wants 2 go 2 the dollar store, that’s where we goin! Nothin is 2 good! He doesn’t hav a job, I do

28 Jan NeNe Leakes NeNe Leakes @NeNeLeakesRT @cstr8thru: @NeNeLeakes. Hav fun NeNe…u know he ready 2 spend all of mommy’s money…cuz “She Rich Bitch” lol<First stop, Video games
28 Jan NeNe Leakes NeNe Leakes @NeNeLeakesGettin ready 4 mommy day out wit my son Brentt & boy does he wanna go everywhere & do everything

RT @CyndiBP: Suddenly @NeNeLeakes is so religious I guess it can happen overnight. stay prayed up<I’m NOT religious! I’m spiritual

27 Jan NeNe Leakes NeNe Leakes @NeNeLeakesRT @BrownSugaMimi: @NeNeLeakes I’m wit the Talls! Love u Nene here n KCMO. U R the reason RHOA is still airing<Pow

RT @Babysequoya: @NeNeLeakes am so proud of all ur achievements & how u push urself…u really motivate me so much if only u knew<Aww Thanks

27 Jan NeNe Leakes NeNe Leakes @NeNeLeakesRT @kottonfire7: @NeNeLeakes OH! SO how many episodes do u have, just these 2<I have a few
27 Jan NeNe Leakes NeNe Leakes @NeNeLeakesAlot of change is happening n my life so I gotta stay prayed up & stay focus!